YAWP (Young Adults with Pizzazz)

Join ​YAWP ​this year as we explore  “Good in the World”

YAWP (Young Adults with Pizzazz)  is the Church of Universal  Fellowship Youth Group for grades  6-12. YAWP meets every Sunday  during the “Sunday School” time in  the 2nd floor church library.     This year YAWP is focusing on  where we see good in the world.  We will begin our exploration by  learning, watching and listening for  different kinds of good in the  world. We will then look closely at  our own CUF community and listen  and learn about stories of good. We will end the year by contributing some good to our  community and world. It should be an exciting year of getting to know one another better and  continuing to have a positive impact on the world.     The first YAWP meeting is on Sunday, September 9, 2018. If you have any questions before  then please feel free to contact the YAWP
Leaders:   Cami Carter— ​camicarter@gmail.com​ (401) 274-6221
Sam Kunz— ​samuelgkunz@gmail.com​ (802) 363-6924