Job Description Director of Children and Youth Ministries

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2022 Director of Children and Youth Ministries


  • The Employee is an active member of the multi-staff ministry of the Church of Universal Fellowship and works in an integrated, collaborative style including attending occasional staff meetings with other employees.
  • Familiarity and joy in working with children of all ages, especially preK – grade 12.
  • Experience with the operations of a church and religious education.
  • Familiarity with Progressive Christianity tenants and theology.
  • Knowledge of current, age-appropriate educational materials.
  • Strong interpersonal relationship, collaboration, and supervisory skills.
  • A high sense of confidentiality.
  • Ability to work independently as well as engage cooperatively with YAWP leaders, Education Resource Specialist, and nursery caregivers, and teachers.

Areas of Responsibility:

This position is responsible for overseeing all programs and education for children and youth ages 0-18 at the CUF.  Will supervise and train all staff and volunteers working with children and youth.  Will also choose and/or create the elementary curricula and be knowledgeable about the curricula developed by the leaders of the YAWP program. The focus and development of the curriculum will be decided annually through collaboration with the Ministers, the Children and Youth Spiritual Development Team, and with YAWP leaders (grades 6-12). This position is responsible for ongoing implementation of a socially and theologically progressive curriculum and associated learning opportunities. Will collaborate with the chair of the Deacon’s Children and Youth Spiritual Development Team and will report directly to the CUF ministers on a regular basis. 

The work of the Director of Children and Youth Ministries will reflect the intent at the CUF to reach our children and youth with a Progressive Christianity curriculum that nurtures a life of faith and will focus on the following:

  • Coordinate staff and curriculum of nursery to grade 12 programming and faith formation
  • Recruit volunteer leaders and teachers from within the congregation.
  • Be aware of events in the lives of the children. 
  • Be in communication with Ministers, the Deacons, and others involved in the children and youth programs as appropriate.
  • Oversee budget and approve expenditures for nursery to grade 12 programs.

Specific Responsibilities


  • Regularly attend Sunday morning worship
  • Design and implement spiritually consistent and meaningful activities/programs for Sunday mornings. Support and guide volunteers in developing and leading these activities.
  • Collaborate with the Education Resource Specialist regarding needed crafts, AV or reading materials and other supplies for the elementary Sunday program.
  • Coordinate with other staff and volunteers to create effective, integrated, and enjoyable music experiences for the children and youth.
  • Ensure/assist for preparation and clean-up after each Sunday
  • Serve as primary point of contact for religious education programming purposes.
  • Be sure Safe Church Environment Policy is being followed.


  • Keep in communication with the children and parents and coordinate with the Education Resource Specialist to strongly promote events with notifications well ahead in church bulletins, announcements, and the WIND.
  • Provide thematic oversight for the Summer Sunday school program and work with the Education Resource Specialist to ensure appropriate materials are available each Sunday. During the spring, develop a summer weekly schedule that includes securing a weekly volunteer teacher and volunteer helper for each Sunday during the summer months. 
  • Maintain regular contact and offer support as needed to the YAWP leaders, Nursery child-care providers, Education Resource Specialist and elementary teachers.
  • Submit any reimbursement receipts for supplies to Church Administrator within 60 days.
  • Monthly check in with the ministers


  • Research and/or prepare recommendations for curriculum and thematic material, as well as recommendations for adjusting existing curriculum to fit a socially and theologically progressive congregation
  • Run an annual teacher training and collect yearly signatures for safe church policy from each volunteer
  • Run background checks on new volunteers and every 5 years thereafter.
  • Assist in all-church seasonal intergenerational programming
  • Design and implement programs for connecting “upstairs/downstairs” intergenerational learning.
  • Work with the Staff/Congregation Relations Committee to be a member of the annual evaluation team for hired staff working with nursery through grade 12 (YAWP leaders, Nursery Caregiver, Educational Resource Specialist.)
  • Provide information about pre-K -12 religious education program to the chair of the Deacons to support the preparation of a report for Annual Meeting (January).
  • Prepare and propose an annual budget and submit to the Board of Deacons (November).
  • Ensure that all children’s parents receive a photo permission form to sign stating whether their children’s photos may be used by CUF (September and ongoing as new families arrive)

Months: 12 months

Hours: 10-15 hours per week, including Sunday mornings and some evenings/weekends

Term: Ongoing

Employee Benefits: Salary: $ 16,000/year , vacation as negotiated 

Employer’s Expenses:  7.65% Social Security and Workers’ Compensation

Hired by: Trustees (on recommendation of Ministers, Deacons, SCRC)

Supervision: Ministers, Deacons

Annual Performance Evaluation:  Staff/Congregation Relations Committee, Ministers

Participate in Performance Reviews of YAWP leaders, Educational Resource Specialist, Nursery Caregiver