A house for all people


“We welcome persons of every age, background, circumstance, ethnicity, family configuration, gender identity, and sexual orientation. We believe that diversity enriches our faith community and that each of us has a right and responsibility to support one another as we search for the divine by living, learning, and growing.”



Good Friday Prayer

Prayer on Good Friday : Individuals from CUF can sign up for a half-hour time slot between 9 am and 4 pm to pray from home. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040b4cafad2da0fb6-prayer
The intention is to surround all who are suffering with God’s light and love, for seven hours (symbolic of Jesus’ seven last words from the cross). You are invited to use whatever prayer practice you know, united in intention with others across the congregation and the world.

The Good Friday “prayer at home” time is exactly that.  So if someone signs up to do a prayer or music or reading at home for example 11 – 11:30 a.m., it just means that we all will know that we are being held in a spiritual space by that person during that time.  Nothing will be online or on Zoom;  for example, Connie is choosing to play Taize pieces on the piano from 10-10:30.  That will be her time to be “in prayer” and time for anyone else who wants to think about a spiritual connection at that time to do so.  It is purely individual contemplative time. People can sign up to choose a time to be in prayer at home on Sign-up Genius at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040b4cafad2da0fb6-prayer

Please contact Malcolm or Connie if people have questions about Good Friday.

Virtual Easter Lily Donations

Virtual Easter Lily Donations

In lieu of actual Easter Lily plants, this year we are offering you the wonderful opportunity to make a Virtual Easter Lily donation to WIN of Bangor. The WIN organization assists immigrants in the greater Bangor area, most of whom are in particularly dire need of financial support at this time. 

You can make your Virtual Lily donation online on the church website www.opencuf.org (click the Donate tab and choose Flowers in the PayPal pull-down menu) or mail a check to the church office (Steffi gets the church mail).  
Actual Lily plants this year were going to be $15.00.
If you have already made a lily donation, it will automatically be re-directed to this cause. If you would prefer to receive a refund, please call Steffi at 356-8028 or email the church office at cufoffice@icloud.com
You can email Steffi a dedication for your virtual lily and we will publish those like we usually do around Easter.
If possible, please make your donation by Easter so that we can get funds to WIN as soon as possible. 
For more information about WIN, please visit their Facebook page:  https://m.facebook.com/notes/welcoming-immigrant-neighbors-bangor/what-we-do/114526443409061/

Words to Robert Frost poem

O Star (the fairest one in sight),
We grant your loftiness the right
To some obscurity of cloud –
It will not do to say of night,
Since dark is what brings out your light.
Some mystery becomes the proud.
But to be wholly taciturn
In your reserve is not allowed.
Say something to us we can learn
By heart and when alone repeat.
Say something! And it says “I burn.”
But say with what degree of heat.
Talk Fahrenheit, talk Centigrade.
Use language we can comprehend.
Tell us what elements you blend.
It gives us strangely little aid,
But does tell something in the end.
And steadfast as Keats’ Eremite,
Not even stooping from its sphere,
It asks a little of us here.
It asks of us a certain height,
So when at times the mob is swayed
To carry praise or blame too far,
We may choose something like a star
To stay our minds on and be staid.

Wednesday, April 8 devotional


For the sin of silence,
For the sin of indifference,
For the secret complicity of the neutral, 
For the closing of borders,
For the washing of hands,
For the crime of indifference,
For the sin of silence,
For the closing of borders.
For all that was done,
For all that was not done,
Let there be no forgetfulness before the Throne of Glory;
Let there be remembrance within the human heart;
And let there at last be forgiveness
When your children, O God,
Are free and at peace.

  • From Chaim Stern, ed. Gates of Repentance

This information is also found online in a devotional prepared by the Church of Universal Fellowship: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cvx8QdPQ3-i-e3eodMYp2TGrUV96A23SqnBHR-1hvpg/edit?usp=sharing.

Holy Week Online

Wednesday, April 8
Exploring Scripture and Coloring with Pastor Mariah, 7:15-8:00 p.m.  Zoom https://zoom.us/j/719513718 
(or phone 929-205-6099, Meeting ID: 719 513 718, #)
Thursday, April 9
Maundy Thursday: Simple Meal with Rachel, 6:00 pm Zoom https://zoom.us/j/7191524775 
(or phone 929-205-6099, 
Meeting ID: 719 152 4775, #)
Friday, April 10
Good Friday: Prayer At Home, sign up for a half hour online: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040b4cafad2da0fb6-prayer 
Sunday, April 12 – Easter Sunday
Prayer at Dawn 5:55 AM – Zoom https://zoom.us/j/245146594  
(or phone 929-205-6099, Meeting ID: 245 146 594, #)
Worship 10:00-11:15 – Zoom https://zoom.us/j/387183979  
(or phone 929-205-6099, Meeting ID: 387 183 979, #)
Join in daily meditations for Holy Week, available online. 
Click here for a Sunday-to-Sunday guide to scripture, song, and prayer.
(If you would like to subscribe to notifications, sign up at https://opencuf.org.)
Special invitation from worship leaders: 
Now that we all are remote while we worship, including the ministers, we look forward to seeing each other at home on Zoom. It can be fun and visually fancy to use props or dress up! On EASTER SUNDAY feel free to wear your best hat, bonnet, or tie to make a vivid splash of color on-screen. On MAUNDY THURSDAY if you would like to participate in a simple meal, please gather ahead of time your plate, bread, grapes, or glass of wine.

Tuesday, April 7 devotional


Creator of the universe,
you made the world in beauty,
and restore all things in glory
through the victory of Jesus Christ.
We pray that, wherever your image is still disfigured
by poverty, sickness, selfishness, war, and greed,
the new creation in Jesus Christ may appear in justice, love, and peace,
to the glory of your name. 


This information is also found online in a devotional prepared by the Church of Universal Fellowship: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cvx8QdPQ3-i-e3eodMYp2TGrUV96A23SqnBHR-1hvpg/edit?usp=sharing.

Monday, April 6 devotional


This is my prayer—
That, though I may not see,
I be aware
Of the Silent God
Who stands by me.
That, though I may not feel,
I be aware
Of the Mighty Love
Which doggedly follows me.
That, though I may not respond,
I be aware
That God—my Silent, Mighty God,
Waits each day.
Quietly, hopefully, persistently.
Waits each day and through each night
For me.
For me—alone.

  • Edwina Gateley

This information is also found online in a devotional prepared by the Church of Universal Fellowship: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cvx8QdPQ3-i-e3eodMYp2TGrUV96A23SqnBHR-1hvpg/edit?usp=sharing.