Sunday school this year

CUF Children’s Curriculum 2019-20
Starting on Sunday September 8 th , the Elementary Classroom will begin a  curriculum about welcoming the stranger.  Based on New and Old Testament Stories, as well as picture books and stories shared by all of you , we will explore one of the oldest commandments in the Bible, which appears 36 times (more than any other).
YAWP’s theme this year will be “Which Way is Up”. YAWP leaders Sonja Birthisel and Avi Rude write, “Together the YAWPers will explore concepts of right and wrong based on our shared values. In our current time of turmoil and questioning, we hope to encourage the YAWPers to develop understanding and independent thinking, and to engage ethically with the world. We plan to draw discussion prompts and activity ideas from the Bible, other religious texts, and UUA Tapestry of Faith resources including their “Amazing Grace” curriculum. We intend to continue YAWP’s strong tradition of putting faith into action through service to the CUF and the wider community, and also plan to help the YAWPers learn more about adult life at church by “staying downstairs” as a group to attend the full church service one Sunday per month.”

Which Way is Up?

This year the elementary classroom will be exploring the
idea of “Welcome”. We’ll look at what it means to make
someone feel welcome, how we do it, and why we do it. We’ll
look at welcoming and being welcomed as spiritual acts, and
explore stories of welcome and inclusion from the Old
Testament, New Testament, world religions, picture books
and members of our own congregation. We look forward to
hearing your stories and to sharing what we learn as well!
The YAWPers (middle school and high school students) will
be exploring concepts of right, wrong and ethical decision
making in a curriculum entitled “Which Way is Up?”
Leaders Sonja Birthisel and Avi Rude will facilitate
discussions, service projects, skits and activities.
As usual, both groups will also be involved in church services
throughout the year.
For any questions about the Children and Youth programs
contact Sarah Marx, Director of Children and Youth
Ministries at: and 520 271 9823.