Sunday school this year

CUF Children’s Curriculum 2021-22

In a community of faith, we are each other’s curriculum. Life lessons that we learn as we worship, wonder, and walk with God are important to pass on. Sometimes when we pass them on, we clarify them for ourselves for the first time! CUF this year will use the affirmations of “A Joyful Path” from, inviting different adults to participate in class with K-5 kids. Sunday School will feature learnings from music, dance, stories, crafts, and activities. Adult teachers include Dominique DiSpirito, Sammee Quong, John Hackney, Connie Carter, and Judy Walker.

CUF emphasizes the universalism in our Christian tradition, approaching and learning from multiple faiths while deepening spiritual practices in the legacy of Jesus. No matter what age, each person engaged in learning is taught by their own questions, and has something to share to teach others as well.

Our theme for elementary kids this fall is A Joyful Path: Inner Wisdom

Last Year – Out and About with Sarah
As you may remember the CUF Elementary Class is meeting outside from 9:45 am to 11:15 am each Sunday – rain or shine! So far we have met in the Jernigan’s back yard on the Stillwater River, at the Littlefield Botanical Garden at UMaine and at one of the UMaine cattail ponds. Our theme is “We Are Guests” and amidst mushroom hunts, canoe paddles, story books and cattail weavings, we have begun to explore together what it would mean to get to know the Earth like a family member and to be the best possible family visitors. Some of the beings we have encountered so far include: a grass snake, 3 big turtles, a tiny 2 inch turtle, a beautiful water lily, an insane variety of mushrooms, and the amazing cattail plant (which provides water-resistant construction material, 4 kinds of food, medicine for sunburn, tinder for fire building, insulation, blankets for babies, and on and on). If you have not yet read the picture book The First Blade of Sweetgrass: A Native American Story written by Orono residents Gabriel Frey and Suzanne Greenlaw or the adult book Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer, we highly recommend them both. And we hope you enjoy the photos which we have been taking on our adventures!