Strike Down Coal: New England Utility Strike – Starting September , 2020

#CoalBucketChallenge by the No Coal No Gas Campaign: Here in New England, the Merrimack Generating Station in Bow, NH is the last major coal plant left, and it’s getting hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies for “capacity,” even when it’s not running. In total, approximately 10% of every New Englander’s electric bill subsidizes “capacity” at fossil fuel plants like this one.

No Coal No Gas Campaign is launching a utility strike – withholding payment of electric bills and demanding:

  •  An immediate halt to fossil fuel subsidies on the New England grid.
  • Cancelation of contracts with fossil fuel generators and redirection of that money:
    • Towards ratepayer relief for the next year.
    • Towards electrical efficiency, conservation projects, and renewable generation, beginning June 2021.

How Do I Participate?

Strikers who can afford to do so are encouraged to redistribute money you would have put toward your utility bill toward COVID relief efforts and black, brown, and indigenous-led organizations that are building up justice in the world today.