Adult Education

Join us as we explore aspects of what it means to be a Christian in the twenty-first century and discuss how it applies to our lives. Past studies include Faith and American Politics: Liberty and Justice for All;  Saving Jesus; Countering Pharoah’s Production-Consumption Society Today; Living the Questions; Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth; Painting the Stars: Science, Religion and an Evolving Faith and Bill Moyers’ interviews with Huston Smith on religions of the world:The Wisdom of Faith . We have had a several week study on different faiths presented by a member of our congregation. We have had one session “Meet the Theologian” presentations on Barbara Brown Taylor, C.S. Lewis, Marcus Borg , and the theology of Star Wars.

We have also watched thought provoking movies at Movie Night , had several session book studies on books including Heart of ChristianityOriginal Blessing,Radical Hospitality and What Do Progressive Christians Believe? and one session book discussions at Monday Book Night.  In addition, Will Hunter has led discussions on writing your own faith statement, Connie Carter has led a Narrative 4 series, Reverend Darren Morgan has educated us about the challenges faced by Palestinians and we have had slide shows given by our members of their trips to Africa, the Holy Land, Costa Rica and Europe.

Community Conversations, held about once a month after church, has hosted topics such as hospice care, the Orono Community Garden, and in depth information about various charities we support.

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