Rev. Mariah Hayden

Rev. Mariah has served large and small churches, suburban and urban churches, traditional and eclectic churches in Minnesota, Colorado, and Ohio. Most recently she founded and built a social enterprise in Cleveland growing food, raising chickens, and tending bees. This urban farm experience inspired a doctorate in Ecology, Justice and Ministry at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio; where her thesis focuses on the theology and practice of faith communities on addressing food justice issues within the community. Mariah has an M.Div from the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado.   

Rev. Mariah’s approach to ministry is one of delight, joy, and curiosity. The creativity she brings invites those who might be seeking a faith community, struggling with relevance in their faith journey, or looking to stretch beyond their current habits. She enjoys planning and leading interactive worship, connecting people to each other, and praying like an extrovert. An ordained United Methodist elder, she supports the biblical mandate of full inclusion of all people and rejects limits placed on God’s love and grace. She’s passionate about food justice and equitable access to nutrition, and thrives on approaching food and community through a biblical and theological lens. 

When not growing vegetables or planning her garden, Rev. Mariah enjoys riding her bicycle, building chicken coops, baking, and piecing together quilts. She’s mom to twins, an elderly dog, a spry cat, and an assortment of chickens.

Rev. Malcolm Himschoot

Rev. Malcolm is ordained in the United Church of Christ. He has a portfolio of work in the urban core of Denver, Minneapolis, and Cleveland; working for LGBTQ justice with the UCC Coalition; participating in the creation and leadership of a Spanish-speaking congregation; literacy and ESL teaching. He has served in solo and associate pastoral roles, church planting, and national judicatory work. For 7 years prior to beginning at CUF, Rev. Himschoot lived out his calling in the denominational offices of the United Church of Christ, working with the MESA (Ministerial Excellence, Support, and Authorization) Team equipping churches and clergy to connect for fruitful ministry. He is also known nationally for gender education as an out trans man, since 2004 the subject of the queer-affirming church-produced documentary Call Me Malcolm.  

An ongoing student of the Bible, Rev. Malcolm’s leadership is rooted in scripture and lived out contextually. His activism around prison reform, racial justice, and immigration is partnered with theological reflection and lived out intentionally at all levels. He takes head and heart with him as he goes — to the steps of government buildings, into the classroom, around the table, in people’s homes, and into his professional and spiritual life — with a listening spirit, and with confidence that God’s people can work together to be the hands and feet of Christ in a broken world. 

Rev. Malcolm is also a parent of twins (who are pushing-toward-teenage), enjoys his recumbent bike and yoga, reads continuously, camps as much as possible, and delights in peaceful mornings.