Christmas Eve service

Christmas Eve

December 24th
CUF Worship at 6:00 pm

Meeting ID: 834 3838 9553
Passcode: 770203
Phone:  +1 929 205 6099 

Join in ringing bells outdoors at 6:00 pm wherever you are. Then join CUF on Zoom for worship by 6:15 pm!
Lessons with children and carols. Keep a candle near you for lighting at the end of the service.

Zoom rooms will be open for a social reception afterward.

Christmas Poinsettia Dedications

Christmas Poinsettias 2020
Connie Carter and Ed Brazee
*In honor of teachers and educators on the front line-giving their hearts and souls to
educate students during this pandemic

Woody Carville
*In memory of Jean Grindle Carville

Rose Marie Curtis
*In loving memory of Ted Curtis

Steffi Egenhofer
*With love and gratefulness for family and friends
*In loving memory of Lyn Adkins and Betty Carr

Maddie Emerson
*In loving memory of Ann Johnston

Shelley Gilman
*In loving memory of Matthew Gilman
from Shelley Gilman, Ryan, Chris and Dacie
*In honor of my parents Joyce and Paul Harris

Janet Givens
*In memory of Horace Givens from Janet, Sandy, Emily

David Griffin

  • In loving memory of Ralph and Dorothy Griffin from Michael, David and Eric
    *In loving memory of Edmund and Beverly Styrna
    from David, Rebecca and Russell
    *In loving memory of Sandra Styrna Griffin from David, Rebecca and Russell

  • Paul and Joyce Harris
    *In memory of Harold Kimball
    *In memory of Janet Dunham

Susan and Fred Heath
*In honor of Margaret and William Schuhmacher
In honor of Eleanor and Mott Heath

Nancy Leavitt
*In memory of Rachel Albert

Richard Sails
*In memory of Jane Snyder
From Richard and Jesse

Celine Therrien
*In memory of my husband Paul

Judy Whitney
*for CUF