Stay vigilant!

COVID-19 Reminder
You know what to do. Now is a time for exceptional precautions and sacrifice, to minimize exposure and keep others safe. Please do not plan holidays as normal. Take risks seriously. On behalf of all who love you, thank you!

Cookies after church

We would like to bring back the tradition of Cookies after Church. We are hoping people will make (or buy) batches of cookies that we can mix up and pack up in smaller packs to deliver to the church community. People can grab a few out of their freezer to enjoy after church. Recreating one more connection between us all and CUF. Please sign up here.
Contact Erin Ellis at with questions.

Fall fair Nov. 7, 10 am – noon

Outdoor Fall Fair!
Next Saturday, November 7, from 10 to Noon
Rain date Sunday, Nov. 8, 1-2 pm 
Baked goods, candy, pies, cookies, jam and jelly, honey and handmade crafts. Please call the church office soon if you can bake cookies or pies for the sale. More information about the Fair will come in a separate email next week.
We will wear masks, use hand sanitizer, and stay 6 ft away from each other to make this a safe and healthy Fair!

Stewardship reminder

Dear CUF Friends and Members,  As part of this year’s annual stewardship campaign, please fill out a Pledge Form online here.
 If you would like to receive a new pledge sheet in the mail please call or email the 
CUF office 207.866.3862,
You can also contact CUF Treasurer Kathy Barry with your 2021 Pledge information:
Ph: 207.827.7455, email:

Thank you so much to all who have already mailed back their Pledge Sheets for 2021 or filled out an online Pledge Sheet.
The CUF Trustees are grateful to each of you
for your faith in the Missions and Ministries of the Church of Universal Fellowship.