Hi everyone! You’re invited to take part in
CUF’s 2023 Congregational Survey!! 

What’s the big deal about this survey? 
After three-plus years of life being turned upside down
here at CUF, we’re starting to work our way back
to something like normal.
The question is, what IS normal now? 
This survey is your chance to let us know what you think.
We’re checking in with you on everything from services and sermons to programs, budgets, religious education, and more.
This is your time to help the ministers, deacons, and trustees guide the church through the next three-plus years
by candidly sharing your thoughts, opinions,
brilliant flashes of insight, and more! 
There are questions on a variety of topics,
most of them just a quick button-click answer.
Plus there are spaces where you can type in a more
thoughtful response if you’d like to.
This survey is completely anonymous,
and the results will be viewed by the ministers,
deacons, and trustees and relevant highlights will be
shared with the congregation. 
Everyone is welcome/encouraged to participate in the survey,whether you’re thinking about becoming a member, a longtime member, or a member who has been away for while.
We want to hear from all of you!
You can fill out the survey online at this link:
 2023 CUF Congregational Survey
or stop by the church for a paper copy.
Please respond by Feb. 28. Thank you!
CUF Congregational Survey Committee