Pledge news

Thank you for your whole-hearted participation in our
Pledge program this fall!

Although we have not yet heard from everyone,
the Trustees have begun discussing the 2022 budget
and hope to finalize it soon. 
The programs and offerings that create our fellowship,
worship and learning look exciting for the coming year.
Your financial gifts are creating something solid
—and yet something of transformative value
for so many people far and near.

If you have not yet filled out a Pledge Sheet for 2022,
please be in touch with us soon.
Here are some ways to accomplish this in order to be part of the
2022 pledged support for our church:
  ~ Fill out a Pledge Sheet and mail it back to the church office.
~ Fill out a Pledge Form online at
 ~ Call CUF Treasurer Kathy Barry: 207-659-9556  
with your Pledge information.   
Or email Kathy Barry: kkbarry.mamagiraffe@gmail.comOnline Pledge Form