About our maple tree

From John McCormack, Property Committee:to all CUF peopleSome sad [ but necessary ] news :the old maple tree in front of the parsonage steps has deteriorated to the point that it is a danger to both people and our building.I have consulted with the town [ the tree is on their land ] and the town’s tree board – and all agree it must be removed. 
The town’s tree company will be removing the old maple tree in front of the parish porch on August 25 from 8 AM to about noon.
They will take away small branches.they will leave the larger branches for a short while.If anyone wants to take these larger branches for firewood they can have them.But be aware these large branches will be about four feet long and heavy.if none of our people take them – the town will take them- fairly soon.
Next Spring the town will assist us with recommendations to plant a new tree.