Orono Commons Gifts

Thank you for brightening a “Commons” resident’s Christmas! For several years CUF has provided gifts for 30 or more Orono Commons residents.
The “Commons” Activities Director and her staff place a wrapped gift in the room of each resident on Christmas Eve to be opened Christmas morning.  The families of most of the residents provide these gifts, but there are too many residents that do not have family support. The activities staff find out needs and/or wishes from these people and compile a list of three items for each person. (It is not necessary to buy all three gifts).  
Resident’s wishes are usually simple;  sweat pants, long sleeved shirt, soft blanket, a picture book of cars or horses, jewelry, anything Red Sox etc..   
The residents open their packages in their room on Christmas morning so comparisons are not a problem.  
If you would like to participate please let Judy Whitney know and she will provide you with a resident’s number and wishes.

Please wrap gifts and attach a label to each that can be easily removed.  Write the resident’s number and your name on this label.  Bring your gifts to the church between Dec. 1 and  Dec.18 during times when Steffi or Nancy will be present (9 am to 2 pm on weekdays).  Gifts may be left at the Gathering Place doors or the Sanctuary doors where there is an overhang.  If this is not convenient, call to make other arrangements.
In this year of masks, social distancing and very limited visitation it is especially important to remember the people in the Commons.   This is a great way to get into the Holiday Spirit. Thank you!
Judy Whitney    942-0974 or judywhitney65@gmail.com