Daily Devotion, Palm Sunday

Daily Devotions for Holy Week

A Resource produced by the CUF Worship Committee, Spring 2020

You are invited to spend fifteen minutes each day with a word, a song, and a prayer. 

Jesus’ prayer life included wrestling with God, reading, reflecting on ancient texts, and singing. As Jesus approached his cross with love in his heart for his holy city, he prayed for those he would leave behind after his death. They were his friends. He asked them to watch and pray with him in the hour of suffering and the time of trial. 

In Christian tradition, the days leading up to Jesus’ death are remembered in slow-motion. With pain as well as comfort, these events reflect our own human failings and oppression, and encompass us with divine solidarity when we are in the midst of our own suffering and redemption.

By the power of the Spirit, the day that dawns on Easter brings light and liberation. May all who have sat under the weight of sin or who have been held in captivity find new freedom and joy.

Sunday (Palm Sunday)

Faithful Midwife,
as you delivered the Hebrews safely
out of the long labor of slavery,
so, morning by morning,
you draw us forth into the new day.
Surround us with a cloud of witnesses,
and sustain us by your powerful word,
that, in the night of loneliness and fear,
we, being weary, may not lost heart
but push toward the joy that is to come,
laboring with Christ
to give birth to your promised kingdom. Amen.

This information is also found online in a devotional prepared by the Church of Universal Fellowship: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cvx8QdPQ3-i-e3eodMYp2TGrUV96A23SqnBHR-1hvpg/edit?usp=sharing.